Unit Bylaws

Unit Bylaws of the 43rd Battalion of Virginia Cavalry, Companies A, D, and Artillery

Army of Northern Virginia

Confederate States of America

American Civil War Association 

Section: I – Unit Mission:

To portray the 43rd Battalion of Virginia Cavalry Companies “A” and “D” as well as an “Artillery” Company (no designation) in the years 1863-1865, and demonstrate dismounted tactics with direct support of the Battalion Artillery as well as camp life and living history for educational purposes.

Section: II – Inclusion:

The Troopers of the 43rd Virginia reserve the right to disallow membership to those who are considered undesirable for the following reasons.

  1. They become a general nuisance to the well being of the unit.
  2. They do not respect others or their property.
  3. They are an ex-felon. (In the case of weapon carrying Troopers.)
  4. Anyone who damages or causes loss to another’s property will not be allowed to participate as a member until the matter is settled to the reasonable satisfaction of the party’s property is in question. Command is to create a committee of three (3) to investigate the matter and report back to the membership to decide if the accused member is to remain in the unit.
  5. Exclusion from the unit for matters other than safety or State, Local and Federal Laws must be made through a vote of the members of the unit and can only be carried by a majority vote in favor of exclusion. The unit Commander reserves the right to temporarily (until the next time there is a quorum and the offended party is in attendance) suspend a member if he deems it necessary; in this case the individual has the right to appeal his case to the unit.

Section III – Voting Procedures:

The Ranks to be voted upon by the Troopers of the 43rd VA (civilian members may not vote for Military ranks) are that of First Sergeant and above. Including but not limited to:

  • Battalion Commander
  • Company Commander A
  • Company Commander D
  • Battalion Gun Captain (to be put forth to the Brigade Command if commissioned)
  • Battalion Sergeant Major
  • All Company First Sergeants
  • Executive Officer
  • Aide de Comp/AG (who may also be a field officer holding the rank of lieutenant or other commission grade).

Rank for the Commander and Executive Officer is not to be assumed; officers are awarded their rank by the Brigade Commander and the Brigade Board of Officers. The Unit Commander awards all other ranks.

Voting for next seasons rank will be completed at the Kearney Event.  Anyone wishing to run for a position of rank should let it be known to the current commander in writing or verbally two weeks before the Kearney Event.  The Commander is to let the unit know at a minimum of 48 hours prior to the Kearney event.

All who wish to run for a position must be able to demonstrate their abilities to perform duties of the position they wish to run for.  It is recommended that in order to run for Commander that one should have served at least one year as Corporal, Sergeant, or First Sergeant.  It is further recommended that anyone wishing to hold a position or rank must have not missed more than two (2) ACWA events the prior season (February – November) to holding rank.  A Trooper must have completed one season before being allowed to run for a position.  It is important that those wishing to hold rank attend events regularly, therefore those holding rank must not miss more than two (2) ACWA events while holding a position of rank, unless approved by the unit.

Voting will be done by secret ballot at a company meeting only when two (2) or more people are running for the same office.  There must be a quorum in order to hold the vote. The civilian members of the unit will count the votes and the results will be known at that time.

It is recommended that in order to run for Battalion Commander that one should have served at least one year in one of the other elected Battalion positions as field officer, as also is for the Executive Officer having served at least one year as a Battalion NCO.  It is also recommended that those wishing to run for Sgt. Major or First Sgt. should have served as a Battalion 2nd Sgt. or Corporal for at least one year.

Only military members of the 43rd VA may vote for military positions for the following season. Military members are defined as those taking the field at least one time during the current season.

Voting members must be in good standing as prescribed by the bylaws of the American Civil War Association.

Voting members must be on morning reports of at least one day of one ACWA event.  Voting members are defined as all military members and civilians 18 and older.

Election results are to be made available to the Board of Directors of the ACWA and Brigade Headquarters by January the 1st.

Section IV – Uniform Standards:                   

Headgear – Any period-correct headgear will be allowed.

Tunic – Shell Jackets or Sack Coats in any shade of known used period in Confederate or Federal colors are allowed.  Civilian tunics or coats may also be worn as well as over-shirts.

Shirts – Period shirts of any type or color are allowed.

Trousers – Sky Blue is the standard but any gray, butternut or Civilian Period trousers will be allowed.

Footgear – Period boots or shoes including brogans are required, unless physical disability precludes this requirement.  A physically impaired individual must attempt to adorn shoes as similar to period dress as possible.

Leather Gear – Black or Russet will be used. Any period belt buckle may be used.

Weapons – Any rifle, pistol, shotgun and or sword used in the Civil War and made prior to 1865 may be used.

Camp – Although the troopers of the 43rd seldom kept a regular camp, A tents are recommended but dog tents and wall tents may be used or other make-shift shelter.  Or you may choose to sleep under the stars.

Misc. – Mounted Greatcoats (Confederate or Union) and Rubberized Ponchos are encouraged for foul weather.  All troopers are required to carry their own canteen.  Metal or Wooden drum type are acceptable.   Haversacks shall be used to carry a trooper’s personal effects and forage.  Period correct accouterments are encouraged.

All revisions were voted on and approved – Kearney Event, October 2018

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