Uniform, Equipment, and Weapons



  •  Longarm (Musket or Carbine)
  •  Pistol (Colt or Remington(.44 or .36 cal))
  •  Bladed (Sword, Knife, Bayonet)




  • Cartridge Box
  • Cap Box
  • Cylinder Pouch
  • Holster
  • Canteen
  • Belt
  • Pistol Cartridge Box
  • Haversack




Uniform Standards:                       


Headgear           Any period-correct headgear will be allowed.

Tunic                  Shell Jackets or Sack Coats in any shade of known used period in Confederate or Federal colors are allowed.  Civilian tunics or coats may also be worn as well as over-shirts.

Shirts                  Period shirts of any type or color are allowed.

Trousers            Sky Blue is the standard but any gray, butternut or Civilian

Period trousers will be allowed.

Footgear            Period boots or shoes including brogans are required, unless physical disability precludes this requirement.  A physically impaired individual must attempt to adorn shoes as similar to period dress as possible.

Leather              Black or Russet will be used. Any period belt buckle may be

Gear                   used.

Weapons            Any rifle, pistol, shotgun and or sword used in the Civil War and made prior to 1865 may be used.

Camp                 Although the troopers of the 43d seldom kept a regular camp, A tents are recommended but dog tents and wall tents may be used or other make-shift shelter.  Or you may choose to sleep under the stars.

Misc.                  Mounted Greatcoats (Confederate or Union) and Rubberized Ponchos are encouraged for foul weather.  All troopers are required to carry their own canteen.  Metal or Wooden drum type are acceptable.   Haversacks shall be used to carry a trooper’s personal effects and forage.  Period correct accouterments are encouraged.

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