Pacific Area Civil War Re-enactors

The intent of PACWR is to form an association of Civil War Reenactment Clubs, who retain their Independence, to present a united effort to achieve the following goal:

“To promote a higher state of safety awareness”

American Civil War Association

The American Civil War Association of Northern and Central California recreates the most trying period in our nation’s history. For four years the country ripped itself apart in a great war that was to decide the many questions left unanswered since the days of its birth. When it finally ended, the United States was again one nation but no less than 620,000 men, two percent of the population, had perished for what they believed. Our members attempt to educate the public and each other on this most pivotal era through battle reenactments, recreations of authentic camps and school programs. With the uniforms, clothing, and equipment of the period, one can get some small sense of how the men, women, and children lived through the hardship that was the Civil War and also enjoys the very unique camaraderie and friendships that the hobby of reenacting offers.


Dove and Thistle (facebook page)

Dixie Gun Works

Blockade Runner 

Fall Creek Sutlery

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